Dear First-Time Guests

We started this place for someone like you
who visit us to feel the nature of Kamakura,
the town itself and its atmosphere
so you have some time to stop and think.
We think it is the best to have such time only with a few people,
so we only accept small parties.

aiaoi is a small hotel only with 6 rooms.
Because we are located in an aged building,
you might hear others talking in the hallway
or see other guests as we share shower/rest rooms.
Our only hope is for each guest to have a great time here,
so we might have many guidelines.

We know staying at the hotel could be too convenient
when "a plenty" something is "always there,"
but we set our standard in our way of thinking
"what is really important in our daily life."
It may be invisible
but makes us comfortable, we believe.

If you are considering about staying at aiaoi,
please read the following "Information" section,
and make sure you understand completely.
Thank you.