Dear First-Time Guests

We started this hotel so that people like you
who visit Kamakura can feel the city and nature of Kamakura at its fullest,
enjoy its atmosphere, take a break to rest and think.
To preserve the serenity of this place for our guests,
we only accept small groups.

aiaoi is a small hotel with only 6 rooms.
Located in an aged building
and featuring shared commodities (showers and restrooms),
you may hear the sound of other guests.
Still, our hotel inspires a feeling of community.
Our only hope being that all guests have a wonderful time during their stay,
we cordially ask everyone to respect the atmosphere of serenity
and simpleness we gave to our establishment.

Rather than offering fancy features and a wide range of services,
our hotel’s concept is based on our vision of what’s essential in life
and what makes it comfortable without unnecessary flourish
and too-convenient amenities.

If you are considering staying at our hotel,
please look at the “Information” section to ensure
that our hospitality philosophy will meet your expectations.

Thank you so much for your attention and participation.