aiaoi is a small hotel with 6 rooms.
There are single, twin, double and lofted rooms with different design.
We will assign the best room for you.
We will be more than happy to accommodate your request of the room.
Please tell us at the time of reservation.

We use a lot of old resources or tools in the room construction.
We have learned the joy to use things for longer time
and the importance to live with nature
through the experience of living in the house built 60 years ago.
We thought we could give you the similar experience here.

Aged things are sometimes
not straight enough or not durable enough.
I hope you will understand.


umi -ocean-
It is a fun room with the floor made of various wood strips of walnuts, tamo (ash tree), oak and more.
Double bed with loft

kumo -cloud-
You get nice sunlight from the sunset in this room. The ocean sand from Inamuragasaki where we used to live is mixed in the wall. Maximum 3 persons.
Single bed with loft

hoshi tsuki yo
There are 3 windows to make the room open and bright. You get star/moon light through the windows.
Double bed

kokageya -leafy shade-
Our friend “Araki Tsutsuji,” who is a formative designer in Nagano, designed the interior for this room. You will find the wall made with white plaster, the lamp shade made with grass and the old tools.
Single Bed

nami -wave-
The floor is made of the wood came from Saigonese thatch in Kamakura, and it waves just like the sea.
Twin Beds

asa -morning-
The sunlight in the morning will come in nicely. There is a Japanese traditional curtain dyed with fallen leaves of Kamakura.
Twin Beds