aiaoi is a small hotel with 6 rooms.
We will recommend the room that best suits you
among the single, twin, double, and loft rooms,
which all feature an original design.

When we first moved to Kamakura,
we lived in the house built 60 years ago.
There, we have learned the joy to use things
for a longer time and the importance of living with nature.
We wanted to share that vision,
and this is why we mostly built, furnished,
and equipped our rooms with vintage materials and items.

Aged things are sometimes not straight enough or not durable enough.
I hope you understand.

*umi, kumo, hoshi tsuki yo, nami and asa are the same size. kokageya is a bit smaller.


umi -ocean-
A unique double-bed room featuring a loft, and an original wooden floor interweaving strips of walnuts, tamo (ash), and oak trees, among others.

kumo -cloud-
A bright single-bed room featuring a loft and a wall partly made of sand from the Inamuragasaki ocean nearby. This room, of 3-person max capacity, also welcomes moving sunlight at sunset time.

hoshitsukiyo -starry night-
This double-bed room featuring 3 windows offers a bright space during the daytime and a perfect spot for star and moon starring at night.

kokageya -leafy shade-
This single-bed room, designed by our friend “Araki Tsutsuji,” an interior designer from Nagano, features white plaster walls and an authentic lamp made of grass and old materials.

nami -wave-
This twin-beds room features a floor made of wood from the Saigonese thatch in Kamakura, waves just like the sea.

asa -morning-
This twin-beds room lets in peaceful yet powerful sunlight in the morning through a traditional Japanese curtain dyed with fallen leaves of Kamakura.