All rooms have the following amenities:
pajamas, hairdryer, bath towels, face towels, body soap, shampoo,
hair treatment, pieces of cotton, and cotton buds.

We don’t offer either disposable razors, hairbrushes, or toothbrushes,
as we believe these items shouldn’t be disposable.

However, we sell craft toothbrushes made of horsehair at the reception,
a sustainable item you can bring back home with you.

All our towels and pajamas are washed with a natural detergent. Our shampoo,
conditioner, and body soap are mainly made with wild grass.

These choices show our commitment to sustainability,
respect for nature, and care for well-being,
values that we hope to convey to eachof our guests.

custom-made pajamas, hairdryers and bath towels
body soap, shampoo, conditioner, cotton and cotton buds


The pajamas we provide during your stay have been specifically designed based on our standards of comfort and esthetics
- we hope you will enjoy wearing them for sleeping or even as indoor gears to hang out in the cafe lounge.


We sell craft toothbrushes made of horsehair, a sustainable item you can bring back home with you after your visit.

”Kamakura Free Wi-Fi" is available

Shower booths

We have 3 restrooms and 2 shower booths available for everyone to use.
Shower booths are available for use from 4 pm to 11 am.