We have pajamas, hair dryer, bath towel, face towel,
body soap, shampoo, hair treatment, cottons and Q-tips available for you.

We don’t have disposable razors nor disposable hair brushes
because we don’t use them and throw them away
after a few day in our daily life.

About toothbrush
We don’t have disposable one
but we sell our favorite toothbrush made of horse hair
so you can use it after you go back home.

The towels and the pajamas are washed with all natural detergent.
Our shampoo, conditioner, and body soap are mainly made with wild grass.

We value how it's safe and it feels nice for the things we use everyday.

original pajamas, hairdryer, bath towel,
body soap, shampoo, conditioner, cotton and cotton buds.


We have prepared our original pajamas. It has nice silhouette and is very comfortable. We made something that we want to use from the scratch.


we sell our favorite toothbrush made with horse hair so you can continue using after your visit. 

Wi-Fi (Kamakura Free Wi-Fi)

Shower booths

We have 3 restrooms and 2 shower booths available for everyone to use.
Shower booth is available from 4pm to 11am in the next day.