aiaoi's original muffins are available.
Made with rice flour and perfect for breakfast.
They are made by pomponcakes,
a cake shop with a warm local atmosphere in Kajiwara, Kamakura.
They created this original rice-flour muffin, inspired by the morning time at aiaoi.

The muffins are made simply only using ingredients grown by trusted producers,
and they taste very gentle and warm.
The rice flour is made with "Sasa Sigure," a fertilizer- and pesticide-free rice grown by our father.
Even after milling, you can still feel the rustic and flavorful Sasa Sigure character.
With the rice flour, it makes the muffins firm and satisfying.
During a few years after our opening,
we have been serving his rice in a Japanese breakfast plate,
but since we don't serve it anymore,
we are very happy to be able to bring it to you again in this new way.

To order, please place your order at the Cafe Lounge.
If you wish for us to reserve some, please let us know in advance.

  • -This menu is available only from 9 am to noon (last order at 11 am).
  • -A set with raw milk yogurt is also available.
  • -Overnight guests can also enjoy it in their rooms.
  • -The menu is made with not only rice flour but also wheat flour. Ingredients are subject to change depending on the season.
  • -For more information about the menu and use of the Cafe Lounge, please click here.